China ratchets up control on expression – Robert Marquand

 2006 0103 Csmimg P6B From A top editor was fired, web logs and cellphones have been restricted.

An emotional strike by 100 journalists at this city’s most popular and lively newspaper follows a 16-month campaign to quash a broad range of “unapproved” public speech in areas verging on politics or society – a campaign that includes Internet blogs, and new restrictions on cellphones designed to smoke outsenders of renegade text messages.

In the case of Beijing News, whose progressive editor Yang Bin was replaced without warning last week, Chinese authorities dealt a seemingly fatal blow to a publishing project that two years ago gave the press some freedom to experiment.

See also “Tell us about China’s Press freedoms, Your Excellency” from the Telegraph.

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January 3, 2006 4:38 PM
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