China Gets Beijing and Shanghai Ready for the 2008 Olympics and 2010 Expo – Jeffrey Wasserstrom

 Files Chinafuture-Feature From The Dissent Magazine:

China’s economy is booming like never before and its social fabric is being ripped apart and knit together in novel ways. State-of-the-art sports stadiums, a renovated airport terminal, and a new financial district have been built or are under construction in pre-Olympic Beijing, where there’s even been talk of seeding rain clouds to limit pollution.

And, not to be outdone by its rival to the north, Shanghai is preparing to host the 2010 World Expo, an event that will have decidedly twenty-first-century elements. Upon arrival, visitors will be rocketed from airport to WiFi-wired exhibition halls via magnetic-levitation trains that run through a city that now has more skyscrapers than Manhattan. [Full Text]

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November 2, 2007 9:26 PM
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