A Map of China’s Cancer Villages

Chinese reporter Deng Fei and Doubleaf have Google Mapped China’s cancer villages. A screenshot is below. See the Google Map here.

The map also provides news report details on each of the listed villages. The following is a portion of that list, translated by CDT:

(1) Yancheng City, Funing County, Guhe Township, Yangqiao Village
Jiangnan Times: 2004 report
Due to its proximity to an agricultural chemical plant and two chemical factories, this village saw 20 people die of cancer (primarily lung cancer and esophageal cancer) between 2001-2004. Because the air and water were polluted, villagers would cover their mouths with a moist towel while sleeping. Ducks were raised not by the waterside, but rather in pig pens.
(2) Yancheng City, Funing County, Yangji Township, Dongjin Village
China Business Report: 2008 report
After receiving heavy pollution from the Julong chemical factory, 100 villagers died of cancer between 2001-2006 (mainly esophageal cancer and lung cancer). Villagers would eat liver tablets every day. Villagers brought a lawsuit against the chemical factory, but each person would only receive a 70 yuan subsidy.
(3-4) Zhenjiang City, Dantu Region, Gaoqiao Township, Gaoqiao Village
Zhenjiang City, Dantu Region, Huangxu Township, Shimen Village
China Environmental News: 2004 report
Due to the pollution of the drainage network, treatments for malignancies at the regional hospital began to increase in 1997. 71% of those treated came from southeast village townships that were fairly economically developed.
(5) Nanchang City, Xinjian County, Wangcheng Township, *****
Jiangnan Metropolis Paper: 2004 report
When a chemical factory’s polluted water flowed into rice paddies, the paddies’ seedlings were all blackened. In 2004, in 80 households, nearly 20 people contracted cancer. Laryngeal cancer and lung cancer were the main types of cancer.
(6) Yushan County,

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  1. hurdurr.. says:

    why is Canton on the Map to?

  2. benito says:

    fortumnatelkly., chona is a huge country , were,amy rivers and lakes are still clean . Those china haters intentionally don’t focus on Heilongjiang, Neimongku, Xinjiang,and Xizhang ., for obvious reason.

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