Global Times: Prosperity Tangible along Chang’an Ave

Global Times, a media outlet owned by the People’s Daily, recently started an English edition, targeting foreign readers. The following article appeared on June 4th:

While putting aside debate on the June 4 incident for two decades, most people in China have devoted most of their energy and enthusiasm to economic reform, leading to continuous rapid GDP growth and causing foreign media to call China a “world power.”

“Chinese leaders insisted on not debating the June 4 incident or whether China was following a socialist or capitalist model of development,” said He Liangliang, senior political commentator of the Hong Kong-based Phoenix Satellite TV.

“They had no intention of challenging the super-power position of the US, but they focused on maintaining stability of internal politics and domestic society, while keeping good relations with other parts of the world. In this way, China set direction and established a solid foundation for today’s peaceful development.”

Many other mainstream Chinese scholars share that opinion.

June 4, 2009 12:23 AM
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