Chinese National Revival 62% Complete, Says Scholar

A scholar has assured the wary public that his quantitative measurement of “Chinese national revival” is a mere “hobby,” not at all supported by government funds. SoutheastNet reports:
On August 3, National Development and Reform Commission expert Yang Yiyong stated that Chinese national revival was 62% complete as of 2010. Using quantitative measures to evaluate the advancement of the nation’s revival has sparked widespread controversy, leading some to speculate that Yang earned some financial reward for his study. Yang insists he hasn’t spent one cent of government money. He further divulged that in 2005 he reported the revival to be at 46%, but that higher-ups felt the figure was too low. He has not yet reported this year’s data to his superiors.
Netizens gave their two cents to Yang:
yuanxinting: At the 10th Forum on Modernizing China Yang Yiyong, Chair of the National Development and Reform Commission Academy of Macroeconomic Research, revealed that by 2010 the task of China’s national revival was already 62% complete. Now who dares say we lack mathematical management!*
*Coined by historian Ray Huang, “mathematical management” indicates that society is governed by economic principles, rather than philosophical ones. Huang places China’s transition into mathematical manageability in the 1920s. Before that time, scholars tried to administer a complex society according to oversimplified, qualitative (i.e. Confucian) principles.
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hnjhj: Don’t think it’ll stop once the “Chinese National Revival” is 100% complete, because at that point the Party will put forward such projects as the “Chinese National Revival Phase II,” “Chinese National Revival Awards,” “Strengthening the Chinese National Revival” and “Chinese National Revival Free Upgrade.”
LiJianmang: They [the CCP] are counting by years. They’ve been in

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  1. TaoLee says:

    Perhaps for the American reader you could please refine “national revival” and where did the vive actually go and when?