Netizen Voices: Abolish Labor Re-education

The mother of a rape victim in Hunan Province has been sent to a re-education through labor camp for “disruption of social order.” Tang Hui’s 11-year-old daughter went missing for three months in 2006. Tang eventually found her daughter being prostituted in a local spa, the victim of repeated beatings and rape. In 2008, two suspects in the abduction were sentenced to death, two others to life in prison. Another two defendants were charged with rape and given jail terms. Unhappy with the verdict and fighting the defendants’ appeals, Tang wrangled with the courts until this June, when the sentences were strengthened to two death penalties, four life imprisonments and one 15-year term for another defendent. But Tang, who had blocked traffic in front of the court and slept in its hallways, was given 18 months of hard labor for being a nuisance.
Netizens have been up in arms about Tang’s fate. Under the re-education through labor system, established in the 1950s, suspects can be detained and sent to the camps without a trial or conviction. On Weibo, over 11,600 survey participants have voted for the system to be abolished. The survey compares labor re-education to the defunct custody and repatriation system, a policy upheld from 1982 to 2003 under which Chinese citizens found without a hukou (household registration) or permit for their place of residence could be detained and sent back home.
Prominent voices have come out against labor re-education in the past few days, most notably the author Murong Xuecun. “Tang’s case shows barbarism and inaction of the law enforcement agencies, but also the darkness and cruelty of the labor re-education system,” he writes. “If labor re-education is not abolished, citizens will never be secure” (Tea Leaf Nation). Sadly, the anger made so visible on Weibo has been

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