Japanese Cars Banned from Hunan Road

With Hondas set alight and Toyotas smashed at recent anti-Japan protests, one city in Hunan Province is taking a bold step to protect vehicles from destruction. Ding Daoqin reports on Weibo:
DiDaoqin: Cable from the Hunan Huaihua Municipal Party Committee: Japanese Cars Banned from Road September 17-19: The Huaihua Municipal Party Committee gives notice in the cable below that all brands of Japanese cars are barred from driving on the road from September 17 through 19. All units must park their cars in a safe location to guarantee protection! Those who do not take this warning seriously and who find themselves in an accident will have the party involved and the concerned leaders investigated for blame.

Via CDT Chinese.

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3 Responses to Japanese Cars Banned from Hunan Road

  1. Bo Peep says:

    Great idea.

    Let’s ban all Chinese products from all the streets in the U.S.

  2. Andao says:

    Including police Toyotas?

  3. Bo Peep says:

    Interesting how the corrupt Communist-sponsored protests are destroying the government’s own property. Were I an insurer I would refuse to pay out on the claim. Oh, that’s right, it’s Communist China. So no insurance company has any protection of law and would have to pay out their invalid claims. Such a place to do business.