Drawing the News: Aircraft Carrier Style

The launch of China’s J-15 fighter jet from its new aircraft carrier has sparked an Internet sensation. The self-assured hand signal of the flight deck crew members has been mimicked all over the Chinternet and is now dubbed “aircraft carrier style” (航母style), in homage to Gangnam style. The trend even came to the attention of the U.S. Naval Air Forces, who seized the chance to take a jab at China’s novice status in the aircraft carrier club: Interesting trend taking hold of “Shootering” ow.ly/fGwUx, Funny we’ve had people striking that pose for ~100 yrs@b_fung — flynavy (@flynavy) November 29, 2012 Chinese political cartoonists have caught on, too, tackling more serious issues with this lighthearted meme: Artist: Dashix “Soar!” a corrupt official exhorts a hungry student, clinging to his “nutritious lunch” as he pads down the runway. The Yangcheng Evening News reported on Monday that the school system in Fenghuang County, Hunan saves about six million yuan per year by spending only two yuan per student on lunches of the allocated three. Children get only a box of milk and a palm-sized piece of bread [zh]. The school system claims it is following government regulation on expenditures. In Dashix’s illustration, the tear in a boy’s eye gets an official drooling. Artist: Gouben A victorious mistress lets a government seal fly as she stands on top of Chongqing official Lei Zhengfu while training a tape recorder on him. Screenshots of sex tapes surfaced this week, costing Lei his job and possibly implicating former city police chief Wang Lijun. Peering over his mistress’ bra, Lei is horrified to find his own government seal is now impotent. Artist: so7os China’s conscience was rattled this month by the death of five boys in Guizhou. Missing for weeks, their bodies were found in a dumpster, where ...
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