FT: Netizen Thoughts on 18th Party Congress

The following is excerpted from the November 7 Financial Times Chinese article “An Inventory of the Popular Will ahead of the ‘18 Big’” (“十八大”前的一份民意清单), written by Editor-in-Chief Zhang Lifen.

The Chinese Communist Party 18th Party Congress begins tomorrow. Today (Wednesday) at 4:30 p.m. I will attend an “18 Big” news conference for Chinese and foreign journalists in the Golden Hall at the Great Hall of the People. Yesterday evening, I posted a weibo soliciting questions from Chinese people from all walks of life. I received nearly 600 replies, touching on all kinds of issues regarding political and economic reform during China’s social transformation, national welfare and the livelihood of the people, which may serve as a reference of Chinese popular will before the congress of the ruling party. Below are a selection of the questions posed by the public.
OldmanNotUseless: This old fellow has a question: How much are the annual membership fees paid by the 80-million-plus Party members nationwide? Could the total income and expenditure be made public during the congress?
VastUniverseWorld: Disclose officials’ personal finances, round up criminals and the corrupt and start a democratic system! The whole country wants just these three things!
苍茫天地人间: 官员公开财产,围捕贪腐罪犯,进入民主制度!全国人民就这三条!
ForeignFriendV: When will we have multi-party elections for the Politburo Standing Committee and president? At least catch up with Vietnam.
ShenzhenHugang: One question: How do eliminate corruption in a one-party system?
LiAn_NaDu: Can we not get domestic news from foreign media?
Llqrjl: I have an academic question: How do you learn to bullshit without blushing?
Chengqingui: When will we change parties? When will we have a referendum?
Lanfenglin: My question is what the peasants should do whose life savings are not enough to buy homes for their sons to settle down in the cities. Is their

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One Response to FT: Netizen Thoughts on 18th Party Congress

  1. Will says:

    The netizens’ comments are so much more germane and interesting than the tedious, lengthy, and stale-sounding Party leader speeches at the conference.