China’s Youth Has Forgotten Politics, Cui Jian Laments

Chinese rock legend Cui Jian complained to South China Morning Post that today’s young Chinese have little social or political awareness. From Patrick Boehler:

To many in China, Cui Jian is not only the country’s biggest rock star, he is also one of the most popular critical voices in the country.

[…] “Many people used our music to represent their own political thoughts,” Cui said. “That is something of great pride.”

A quarter century after the bloodshed, Cui remains just as outspoken, and laments a lack of political awareness and interest among China’s youth.

“It’s sad [because] some things are the same; there is no change; we don’t have to cheat ourselves,” Cui said. “Of course, everybody is getting rich, everybody has a higher quality of life, but some things never change. The young people don’t want to see it, but it’s the same.” [Source]

On the bright side, though, Cui notes that the government interferes less with musicians’ work now than in the past.

December 3, 2013 12:14 AM
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