Netizen Voices: Weibo’s Best, Picked by Badiucao

CDT contributing artist Badiucao also blogs under the penname Pedro, gathering political cartoons, Weibo comments, and other content on his award-winning site, (奇闻录, roughly “News of the Weird”). Badiucao recently spoke with CDT about his art and political activism.

CDT has translated some of the weibo Badiucao collected over the past weekend.

He begins with a few comments on air pollution:

@网易网友: The new U.S. Ambassador to China, Max Baucus, asked for suggestions for his Chinese name. Everyone unanimously replied, “Meikesi? Baokesi.” [“He hasn’t died of coughing? It’s guaranteed he’ll die of coughing.”]

美国新任驻华大使Max Baucus,征求中文译名。大家异口同声:没咳死? 包咳死。

@弹弓子E: These is not one less car on the roads, but the sun has been shining in Beijing for many days in a row now. I’ve heard our leaders were determined to take care of the air pollution for the following reasons: 1) After Chang’e-3 landed on the moon, they realized it was impossible to take pictures of the motherland back on Earth. 2) Some foreign leaders came to visit China, but had to cancel the trip because they couldn’t find Beijing in the smog. 3) During the last few meetings of the [Politburo] Standing Committee, everyone was coughing incessantly, making normal discussion virtually impossible.


@Zhangga3: The fall of Zhou Yongkang can be explained as an anti-mob operation conducted by the mob.


@duqin64: I live in a country that harbors deep hostility towards me, not because I’m disloyal or hold a grudge, but because a gang wants to hold onto power forever and doesn’t tolerate people like me who tell the truth, like the “boy who points out that the emperor is naked.” I speak the truth.


@老子叹曰: A cab driver said, “The Korean War taught the Chinese people a lesson, and that lesson is—Damn! American imperialism is no paper tiger. If you don’t believe me, just ask Comrade Mao Anying.”


@CCAV新闻联播: “Supporting You Guys Is Wearing Me Out!” – A post from an Internet friend [in rhyme]: I rent your home, I rent your land; I pay the rent and taxes, too; I tip officials high and low; you think for me, you speak for me! If I form my own opinion, you break my legs; I support your daddies, I support your kids; I even pay your lovers’ salaries; I put up with you acting like gods, and deal with the demons you make; supporting you is wearing me out!


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Translation by Little Bluegill.