World of Warcraft: Cry Against Internet Censorship

岂能因声音微小而不呐喊? (Qǐnéng yīn shēngyīn wēixiǎo ér bù nàhǎn?): How can we not speak out just because our voice is small?

Line from the machinima movie War of Internet Addiction.


Left: Kannimei asks, “How can we not speak out just because our voice is small?” Right: He asks all viewers to raise their hands in solidarity against Internet control.

In one scene, the hero Kannimei (看你妹) and the villain Uncle Yang argue about Internet control. (Uncle Yang is based on the clinical psychiatrist Yang Yongxin, known for using electroshock therapy to treat Internet addiction.) After Kannimei delivers a passionate speech against Internet restrictions that touches upon many of the dysfunctions in Chinese society, Uncle Yang says, “Nice speech. But it is useless. You have a voice, so what? The power behind me can easily overwhelm all of your voices. (说得好!但这毫无意义。你声音再大又能怎么样?我背后的力量轻而易举,就能把你们所有玩家的声音淹没。) Kannimei replies, “How can we not speak out just because our voice is small!” (看你妹:岂能因声音微小而不呐喊!)

Kannimei then addresses the viewers, demanding they protest Internet control:

Everyone in front of the screen, please raise your hand, send your power to me. When they killed YouTube, you did not raise your hand. When they blocked Twitter, you did not raise your hand. When they killed Fanfou, you did not raise your hand. Now, we may even lose World of Warcraft. I know, we are just shitizens, …Whatever we do will not save our beloved game, but at least, you can raise your hand in front of the computer screen, and pass your voice and your power to me through this Great Chinese LAN. For our souls’ only home, let’s shout together: We are World of Warcraft gamers!”

所有在看这个视频的魔兽玩家门, 我是看你妹。请举起你的手,我需要你们的力量。我知道,他们杀油土鳖的时候,你没举。他们封推特的时候,你没举。他们杀饭否的时候,你也没举。现在,我们有可能连魔兽世界也失去。我也知道,我们都是屁民。。。我们做什么,也救不了心爱的游戏,但至少,你可以在电脑面前举起你的手,并把你的声音,把你的力量通过这局域网传给我,为了我们仅有的精神家园,一起高喊:我们是魔兽玩家!

“How can we not speak out just because our voice is small?” became a virtual rallying cry.

grass-mud horseThe  comes from China Digital Space’s Grass-Mud Horse Lexicon, a glossary of terms created by Chinese netizens and frequently encountered in online political discussions. These are the words of China’s online “resistance discourse,” used to mock and subvert the official language around  and political correctness.