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Anne Henochowicz is the China Digital Times translations editor. She has contributed to Foreign Policy, The China Beat, the Cairo Review of Global Affairs, The Postcolonialist, and Nieman Reports. She earned her masters in Chinese literature and folklore from The Ohio State University and in ethnomusicology from the University of Cambridge.
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Sensitive Words: Lin Zhao, Pornography, More

As of April 28, the following search terms are blocked on Sina Weibo (not including the “search for user” function). Rightists and Liberals

  • Lin Zhao+rightist (林昭+右派): Lin Zhao was executed on April 29, 1968 after spending years in prison for speaking out against the Chinese Communist Party. Ironically, she had been a devoted communist as a teenager and once referred
  • April 28, 2014 1:47 PM

    Minitrue: CCTV Head Hu Zhanfan’s “Insider Trading”

    The following censorship instructions, issued to the media by government authorities, have been leaked and distributed online. The name of the issuing body has been omitted to protect the source. All websites are kindly asked to find and remove articles and posts related to CCTV head Hu Zhanfan’s so-called “insider trading.” Please focus your attention

    April 25, 2014 1:29 PM

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