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Anne Henochowicz is the CDT translations editor. She has contributed to Foreign Policy, The China Beat, and the Cairo Review of Global Affairs. She earned her masters in Chinese literature and folklore from The Ohio State University and in ethnomusicology from the University of Cambridge.
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River Crabbed: A World Without Weibo

The following censored weibo was selected by CDT Chinese editors from FreeWeibo. Weibo is the premier spot on the Chinese Internet for whistle-blowing and dissent. “Netizens” (网民) have exposed the liaisons and luxurious tastes of local officials, bringing down the likes of Lei Zhengfu and “Watch Brother” Yang Dacai. In an effort to weaken Weibo, the

October 17, 2013 10:02 AM

Ministry of Truth: “Mass Petitioning” After Flood

The following censorship instructions, issued to the media by government authorities, have been leaked and distributed online.

“Mass petitioning” in Yuyao. (@言小名/Weibo)
State Council Information Office: Do not report the Yuyao Daily story “Yuyao Flood Spurs Mass Petitioning; Minority Behave in Extreme Manner.” Websites that have already

October 17, 2013 8:04 AM

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