Author: josh rudolph

Josh Rudolph currently lives in Vancouver, where he recently finished an MA at the Institute of Asian Research at UBC. His thematic focus is on Asia Pacific Policy and media representations of Asian culture, society and religion, while his main geopolitical interest lies in China.
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Fear and Self-censorship at the Hong Kong Book Fair

The 28th annual Hong Kong Book Fair ended in Wan Chai today. The week-long event fell short of its projected number of attendees, due in part to a tropical storm that led to a temporary closure last weekend. Also absent this year were many sensitive political and historical works that had become hallmarks of the fair and attracted many from the mainland in years past. This comes amid

July 25, 2017 5:03 PM

Bao Tong: Guo Wengui & ‘Chinese Characteristics’

Bao Tong, once an aide to former CCP General Secretary Zhao Ziyang, was arrested in Beijing on May 28, 1989, just days before Zhao resigned in protest of Deng Xiaoping’s use of military force against pro-democracy protesters in Tiananmen Square. Bao was sentenced to 7 years in prison in 1992 for “revealing state secrets and counter-revolutionary propagandizing,”

July 24, 2017 6:05 PM