Author: Mengyu Dong

Mengyu Dong grew up in Beijing, where she developed a keen interest in roller-blading, ink painting, and Chinese politics. She now primarily focuses on media coverage of political and social issues in China. Her first personal anthology, A Cello without Strings, published in 2011, includes her commentaries on Chinese politics, literature and history. Mengyu is currently studying political science at University of California, Berkeley.
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Inside China’s Troubled Far West

A heavy influx of Han immigration has long been a major source of ethnic tension in Xinjiang. Nikolay Korzhov at Al Jazeera reports that while Han Chinese are hitting pay dirt, some local ethnic Uyghurs are struggling to make ends meet: According to the most recent statistics, published on the official Xinjiang Statistical Information website, economic conditions are gradually

December 9, 2013 10:06 PM

Prolific Father Zhang Yimou Apologizes

Six months after he was accused of breaking family planning rules, the renowned film director Zhang Yimou has admitted to having 3 children with his current wife before they were legally married. From Amy Qin at The New York Times’ Sinosphere: According to an open letter published Sunday night on his office’s official microblog, Mr. Zhang and his wife, the actress Chen Ting,

December 2, 2013 9:56 PM