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Harmony high-speed train

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和谐号 (héxié hào): “harmony” high-speed train

Wukong, are you sure this is the fastest way to get to the Western Heaven? (Apple Daily)
和谐号 (literally: “harmony line”) is the designation for trains running on China’s high-speed rail system.

The word “harmony” became the byword of Hu Jintao’s presidency when he chose the phrase “harmonious society” (和谐社会 héxié shèhuì) as his administration's political slogan in 2005. The Hu administration sought to establish a “harmonious society” in part by harmonizing elements of society considered “unharmonious.”

Originally designated with only the acronym CRH (China Railway High-speed), the addition of the characters for "harmony" became painfully ironic when two high-speed trains collided in Wenzhou on July 23, 2011.

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