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被X (bèi X): to be X-ed

“We don’t want to ‘be respresented.’”
Getting thrown onto the “made employed” scale, pushing up the “weight” of college graduates employed.
Negative action a subject is forced to perform or endure; "[ involuntary passive]" marker.
  • 被代表 (bèi dàibiǎo): to be represented
When one “is represented,” the government provides only the appearance of representation without the substance. The term came into use in December 2009 when the city of Jinan held a conference to discuss water utility fees [zh]. Netizens suspected that the “representatives” present, who supported the fee increase, were government plants and were not there to represent the interests of the people.
  • 被喝茶 (bèi hē chá): to be tea-drinked
To be interrogated by the police about political subversive activities. See drink tea.
  • 被自杀 (bèi zìshā): to be suicided
To be compelled to commit suicide. The term was used in connection to the spate of suicides in 2010 at Foxconn electronics factories, where it was speculated that poor working conditions pushed workers to the brink. In 2012, after activist Li Wangyang’s death was declared a suicide by officials, “being suicided” also came to mean that one’s possible murder is labelled a suicide by the authorities.
  • 被就业 (bèi jiùyè): to be made employed
Starting in 2009, universities and colleges began using contracts between recruiters and students to inflate the graduate employment rate [zh].
  • 被增长 (bèi zēngzhǎng): to be increased
Coined by netizen Xia Yucai, who in 2009 expressed disbelief at a government report showing that average wages had increased [zh].
  • 被墙奸 (bèi qiángjiān): to be GFWed
Of a URL: to be hidden behind the [Great Firewall of China]. Sounds the same as “to be raped.” See also wall raped.
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