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人民日爆 (Rénmín Rìbào): People's Daily Explosion

Pejorative reference to the official paper People’s Daily (人民日报 Rénmín Rìbào), an organ of the Chinese Communist Party’s Central Committee. “Newspaper” (报 bào) is replaced with “explosion” (爆 bào).

See also Screwing People Post.

People’s Daily Decries ‘Journalistic Pollution’

8 December 2014, by Samuel Wade

Minitrue: Xi Jinping, New Architect of Reform

13 November 2014, by Anne Henochowicz

BBC Sites Blocked Amid Accusations of Foreign Interference in Hong Kong

15 October 2014, by Samuel Wade

Minitrue: Open Letter to HK in People’s Daily

4 October 2014, by Anne Henochowicz

Netizen Voices: The Real Source of Social Ills

16 September 2014, by Anne Henochowicz

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