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汕尾体 (Shānwěi tǐ): Shanwei form
Shanwei party secretary Zheng Yanxiong, originator of “Shanwei form.”

After the 2011 protests in Wukan village, Zheng Yanxiong, municipal party secretary of Shanwei, the city with jurisdiction over Wukan, was recorded making statements that were rapidly picked up and parodied by netizens.

The presence of foreign journalists at the protests in Wukan garnered much international support for the demonstration against land grabs and official corruption. Addressing the issue of the Wukan villagers requesting foreign media attention, Secretary Zheng stated:

Finding several reporters to make a scene, thinking that the more the press defame me the more I will suffer, thinking the problem will get me fired. What good can come of getting me fired? They will just send another Mayor down here, and I bet he won’t be any better than me... There is only one group of people that is feeling the pinch every year. Who? Those who are government cadres, including me. It was never this tiring to be a municipal secretary before, we now have to manage everything. The rights we enjoy are decreasing, the means we can use are decreasing, but our responsibilities are increasing every day, whereas ordinary folks are becoming more and more greedy, more and more clever, more and more untamable... If the foreign media is trust-worthy, then a mother pig could climb up a tree.
找几个记者来炒一炒,外面说得你老郑越难听越高兴,你麻烦了,到时候你的上级一急,把你给撤了!把我撤了有什么好处啊?再派一个市委书记来,也不见得比郑雁雄好多少… 现在只有一批人,感觉是一年比一年艰苦,谁呢?当干部的,包括我,以前的市委书记哪有这么累的?什么事都得管,权力一天比一天小,手段一天比一天少,责任一天比一天大。然后呢,老百姓一天比一天胃口高,一天比一天聪明,一天比一天难管。… 这些媒体信得过,母猪都会上树。

Netizens parodied Secretary Zheng's comments by using his statement as a blueprint for a rhetorical style they dubbed “Shanwei form.” [zh]

An example of a “Shanwei form” parody is below:

What good can come of getting divorced? You'll just find someone else and I bet he won't be any better than me. There is only one group of people that is feeling the pinch every year. Who? Men, including me. It was never this tiring to be married before. Now we have to manage everything. The amount of stress is greater every day, wives' demands for affection are greater every year, prices or presents are higher every year. If wives were trustworthy than, a mother pig could climb up a tree.

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