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Slight erection

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微勃 (wēi bó): slight erection

This sounds the same in Chinese as “microblog” (微博 wēibó). A number of microbloggers have used this term to jokingly refer to microblogs. Another popular homonym for microblog is “scarf” (围脖 wéibó).

Sina Weibo IPO Lays Bare Censorship Burden

18 March 2014, by Samuel Wade

Microbloggers Reveal Militarization in Tibet

12 March 2014, by josh rudolph

Planning for U.S. IPO, Sina Weibo Turns First-Ever Profit

25 February 2014, by josh rudolph

Censorship and Innovation in China’s Social Media

5 February 2014, by josh rudolph

Teen Weibo User’s Request for Compensation Denied

19 January 2014, by Samuel Wade

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