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档/裆/挡中央 (Dàng/Dāng/Dàng Zhōngyāng): Party Central Committee

Alternate name(s) for the Chinese Communist Party. The character “[political] party” (党 dǎng) is replaced by “file” (档 dàng), “crotch” (裆 dāng), or “block” 挡 dǎng. 党 is not used because netizens feel it is a loaded term and at times may attract the online censors.

By “blocking the center” with a grass-mud horse, Ai Weiwei conveys the meaning, “F**k you, Party Central Committee” (草泥马裆中央 cǎonímǎ dāng zhōngyāng, i.e. 肏你妈党中央 cào nǐ mā Dǎngzhōngyāng).
This cover from Han Han’s short-lived magazine Party suggests that “The Party Central Committee has guns.”

Party Plenum’s Likely Focus: Rule of Law, Zhou Yongkang

12 May 2014, by Samuel Wade

The Third Plenum of 18th CCP Congress: A Primer

18 September 2013, by josh rudolph

Key Economic Reform Meeting Set for November

27 August 2013, by josh rudolph

Five Year Ban Imposed on New Government Buildings

23 July 2013, by Mengyu Dong

Announcement Hints at Jiang’s Waning Influence

23 January 2013, by Scott Greene

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