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SARFT is always anxious

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广电总急 (Guǎng Diàn zǒng jí): SARFT is always anxious

(Image from Beijing Cream)

In Chinese, the abbreviation for the State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television (SARFT)[zh]—the administrative body that directly regulates state-owned media—is 广电总局 (guǎng diàn zǒng jú). By changing the last character from 局 (jú) to 急 (jí), the abbreviation forms the sentence, “SARFT is always anxious.” The humor of the phrase comes from the fact that netizens often perceive SARFT, always on the lookout for politically sensitive and obscene content, as being over-anxious. In addition to regulating the content of broadcast media, the administration also plays a role in regulating Internet content.

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