Give voice to the voiceless

Yes, bloggers can do this. Lalaoshi wrote “Meet the new protest point man before he disappears” on his blog, and did just that. Here are some paragraphs from his post: “Lao Zhao, 46, of Shanxi province, shown here preparing a petition for the State Council complaints office in March, is yelling into the wind because she hasn’t yet met godfather Mou……
Mou, 47, lost his house and two restaurants to a routine demolition project last year in south Beijing. His brother, apparently suicidal over the loss of his family home in exchange for high-rise housing he can’t afford, went to prison for three years for his protest: splashing down into the canal outside Tiananmen Gate during the packed National Day 2003 break. The judge and the state press said Mou’s brother was trying to disrupt the festive atmosphere by taking a dramatic swim. ”

May 8, 2004, 9:46 AM
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