New Book on Security Implication of Asia’s Gender Imbalance

This provocative article in the New York Times book section is titled “Engineering More Sons Than Daughters.”

In an email discussion group, Professor Peter Gries of the University of Colorado asked in response to this article: “do we know about sex ratios and crime in China? Are crime rates among the unmarried higher than in other countries? Any data among the migrant population and sex/marriage ratios? And what of the international security link? Hudson suggests a diversionary war hypothesis, but Chen Jian has argued for a different kind of link in the Chinese context: the use of foreign wars for domestic mobilization. And the PLA is not expanding anymore. Any thoughts on either domestic or international security implications?” To me, these are excellent questions not only for China researchers, but also for all people who are concerned about China and this critically important subject.

July 5, 2004, 6:36 PM
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