Time Asia: China’s Wealth Effect

In a special report “on how China is transforming the world’s economy,” Time Asia has published several stories on the rising in China, the impact of China’s admission to the WTO, the potential of China to become a laboratory of the world, and more. Links to all stories are here:

China’s not a sure bet; for all the hype, remember that most Chinese are poor, which is why the total size of China’s economy is still not much more than that of Italy. But if there is one thing on earth and in economics that is certain, it is that the Chinese economy will continue to grow, and do so at a rate that few others will match. As our special report in this issue demonstrates, there really are fortunes to be won by those who take the time and trouble to understand what Chinese consumers want. (The Sex Pistols and G-string underwear? Who knew?)

May 9, 2005 8:10 PM
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