Chinese Blogger’s criticism over – Frank Dai

From The Global Voices Online Blog: (tipped by China Herald blog), formerly known as Blogchina, is the largest Blog Service Provider in China, with 2 million blog accounts. However some Chinese bloggers have been very critical of what Bokee did and the word “Boke”, Chinese translation of “Blog”, which Bokee has been trying to promote, was a highly controversial term in Chinese Blogosphere. It’s quite impossible to understand the culture of Chinese blogosphere without mentioning the argumentation concerned with Bokee.

So here I want to introduce some of the criticism over Bokee by Chinese bloggers. Those perspectives I’ve picked up are totally personal viewpoint but already had attracted significant attention. Also since many of the controversies happened before Bokee changed its original name, I would prefer the use of Blogchina instead of Bokee when refere to it.

August 5, 2005, 11:32 AM
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