Desire and Loss in the Curve of a Back- Howard W. French

From the New York Times, via Howard W. French:

IN “2046,” a story of longing and loss, the passage of time is marked not by the hands of a clock, but by the women who pass through one man’s life. The man in question, a newspaper hack, lives in a glorious ruin called the Oriental Hotel, where the thin walls shake violently from the sexual exertions of the clientele. A ladies’ man given to vigorous wall-shaking, the writer turns a blind eye to the hotel’s decrepitude even as he keeps its female guests fixed in his sights. In this ecstatically beautiful , walls never tumble, only women do.

See also an interview with 2046 star Tony Leung from IGN Film Force.

August 7, 2005 4:41 PM
Categories: Culture & the Arts