Bush Carries to China A Delicate Diplomacy – Peter Baker and Glenn Kessler

Ph2005111201360 From The Washington Post:

In the privacy of the Yellow Oval Room in the White House residence overlooking the Washington Monument one day last week, President Bush hosted one of China’s archenemies. The Dalai Lama gave him a white scarf called a khata as a token of respect. Bush served tea and sipped from a glass of water. They talked about the continuing plight of Tibet.

But the visit was not put on the president’s advance public schedule. No journalists were invited in to record the moment, as at the end of many Bush meetings. The president made no public comments about Tibet. The White House released an official photograph but did not post it on the home page of its Web site along with the other events of his day.

November 13, 2005 7:06 AM
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