Blind man held for blowing the whistle on abuse – Ji Mi

200509072350Pubvp1 From The Shanghai Daily:

A Shandong Province blind man who blew the whistle on family planning officials violating farmers’ human rights has been put under house arrest by local authorities for nearly three months.

The home of Chen Guangcheng, 34, in Linyi City is guarded by about 10 men every day, the semimonthly magazine, “Law and Life,” reported in its latest issue.

The report said Chen, blind since the age of 1, has been deprived of his freedom since September 7 when he was escorted back from a friend’s home in Beijing by six men identifying themselves as “policemen from Shandong.”

See also: Statement on Police Kidnapping Handicapped Human Rights Defender Chen Guangcheng on; and Rural activist Chen Guangcheng seized in Beijing on the Chinese Law Prof Blog by Donald Clark.

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December 6, 2005, 3:07 PM
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