‘Cherish freedom: Stay far away from Sina!’- Jeremy Goldkorn

Wangxiaoshan S From Danwei blog:

Yesterday Danwei reported news that the Guangming Group had taken control of The ” Beijing’s best newspaper ” from its more liberal and truth-minded joint venture partner the Nanfang Group. The Guangming Group is controlled directly by the Ministry of Publicity (ne√© Ministry of Propaganda), and it seems that most editors and journalists in Beijing believe the newspaper will soon go the the dogs under Guangming’s leadership.

An editor at The Beijing News named Wang Xiaoshan responded to the hostile takeover on his blog with a post in large highlighted characters:

There’s no way to retreat, so we won’t retreat. The butcher’s knife is already raised… We’re going to die so let’s make it a beautiful death.

The post was copied as an image by Massage Milk (reproduced above, links to Massage Milk below). But Wang Xiaoshan’s blog is hosted on .com’s blogging service; less than 24 hours after he published his battle cry, ’s censors deleted it from his blog, together with all comments that readers had made to the post.

December 29, 2005 8:22 AM
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