Chinese chemical threat to rivers – BBC

 Media Images 41249000 Jpg  41249608 Jilingetty203 Media Images 41249000 Gif  41249782 China Rivers Map203 From BBC NEWS: More than 100 chemical plants beside China’s pose safety threats, the country’s environment chief has warned.

Zhou Shengxian said the plants were surveyed after a chemical spill in November poisoned the water supply for millions of people in the north-east.

……He said that a total of 21,000 chemical factories had been found to be located along China’s rivers and coastline.

“Since the locations are quite a big problem, we need to take measures to avoid any future consequences of possible accidents,” he said.

More than half the plants were found to be located along two of China’s most important rivers, the Yangtze and Yellow rivers, which are relied upon by millions of people.

January 24, 2006 2:17 PM
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