China’s rise incomplete despite growth – Feng Zhaokui

From The China Daily (link):

In the face of China’s rapid economic development, people have a wide range of opinions about “the rise of China.” Some believe China is already a risen power, others think it is in the course of rising and while some dismiss the “China rise” as sheer overstatement.

In my opinion, the crux of argument lies in the time frame of “China’s rise.” Questions should be asked: When did China’s emerging process begin and when will the process be completed? Has the country already fulfilled its “rise”? Those who embrace the “China rise” theory offer their reasons: The country’s economy ranked fifth largest in the world in 2005, with its GDP standing at US$2,710 billion compared with US$200 billion in 1978, though its per capita GDP was just US$1,591, ranking behind more than 100 other nations.

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March 3, 2006, 5:17 PM
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