The State of Taiwan Pop Music in China - Daisangebiao

From Massage Milk blog(link), translated by ESWN:

The people are dumb. There is lots of money. Come quickly.

April 1, 2006.

This headline reportedly came from a telegraph from a prostitute sent to her hometown folks, in which she called

for her hometown girls to rush over immediately. This is classic, because these six Chinese words (‰∫∫ÂǪ„ÄÅÈí±Â§ö„ÄÅÈÄüÊù•) explained everything succinctly. We can imagine that the hometown girls received this frontline report and charged over immediately in waves of large numbers. If money is so easy to make, who is going to farm the land? So I will list this phenomenon as the “migrant worker wave” too.

In recent years, there is another wave of migrant workers. I have observed that this migrant worker has many similar characteristics as the prostitutes that I spoke about first, because “the people are dumb, there is lots of money and therefore they came quickly.” The difference is that they do something else. Unlike the prostitutes, what they do can be allowed to see the light of day. Actually, it is very respectable, and they are famous and admired people within a certain circle. They did not come from rural farming villages. They came from the other side of the Taiwan strait — they are the Taiwan music people.

Note from the translator: This post may be misunderstood as another exhibition of nationalistic chauvinism, so let me stipulate what the circumstances are: The Massage Milk blogger is a music critic by profession at Lifeweek Magazine in China. The blog post represents his personal opinion after many years of covering the mainland Chinese music scene and talking to numerous persons in the music industry. To repeat, the blog post represents his personal opinion and not any official position of the Chinese government. So it is important not to conflate this blog post to the level of national policy or public opinion.

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