The True Life of a Political Worm – Haishuiqunfei

From Tianya Club (in Chinese), translated by EastSouthWestNorth (link): The following is the translation of a Tianya Club forum post about the known and hidden rules of a minor political bureaucrat in China. This is a forum post, so it is more “wild history” than a formal academic discourse. Nevertheless, the many observations probably ring true because we must have observed the same type of group behavior elsewhere (e.g. in corporate settings).

Let Me Tell You About The True Lives Of Little Crawling Political Worms That I Have Personally Witnessed.

I have been working at a government organization for many years, and I have personally observed all sorts of

political animals and bizarre phenomena. So I have done a great deal of reflections about life inside a government organization. At Tianya Club, friends contribute their specialties and make for a bustling forum. I have decided to write down what I heard and saw at the government organization. I would be satisfied if I can get you to smile.

April 9, 2006 10:09 PM
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