China’s Relations with Latin America: Shared Gains, Asymmetric Hopes – Jorge I. Dom√≠nguez

From Inter-American Dialogue, a new report titled “”China’s Relations with : Shared Gains, Asymmetric Hopes,” authored by a team led by professor Jorge I. Dom√≠nguez of Harvard University’s Weatherhead Center for International Affairs. Download the full report (as a PDF file, link):

In this policy brief, Dom√≠nguez and his colleagues examine how China’s role in the Americas has evolved over the decades, with a special emphasis on its bilateral ties with such key countries in the region as Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Venezuela, and Cuba. China’s increasing role in Latin America and the Caribbean has emerged as a central topic of interest for analysts, government officials, and corporate leaders engaged in Western Hemisphere affairs. Chinese presence and influence in Latin America has expanded rapidly during the past several years, and the region’s leaders are seeking to better understand the challenges and opportunities presented by China as it assumes a new role as a rising global power.

May 25, 2006 10:06 AM
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