Christianity in China – Beijing Review

Articles from the Beijing Review about Christians, and its development in China:

chinamapL.jpg – Becoming a Believer: The has a major influence on many Chinese, including those who are not raised as Christians. [full text]
– Translation of the Bible in China: History of the Bible’s Chinese version and early missionaries in China [full text]
– Spiritual Growth: Protestant seminaries have developed in China over the past two decades, but religious training remains a challenge [full text]
– A Church Interrupted: The history of a German-built Protestant church in Qingdao offers a sketch of Christianity’s development in modern China [full text]
– Partners in Faith: A Bible ministry exhibition in the United States traces China’s church history and aims to enhance understanding between churches of the two countries [full text]

*Watch “The Cross: Jesus in China,” a documentary about Christianity in China, in four parts, about an hour long each [part 1, part 2, part 3 & part 4; firefox cannot open videos]

*See also Natinal Review Online’s “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” with David Aikman, author of the new book “Jesus in Beijing;” *BBC News’ “China’s Christians suffer for their faith“; *First Things magazine’s “China’s Christian History“, by Charles Horner, Senior Fellow at the Hudson Institute in Washington, D.C.

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