Emergency Response Law: Caijing Magazine Kicks Ass – Non-violent Resistance

From Non-violent Resistance:

Three days after the official Xinhua News Agency reported on the , Beijing-based Magazine prints a analysis on its Web site questioning the sanity of that clause and revealing one big secret: someone had “slipped” that clause into the bill at the last moment, and some of the law’s very first drafters didn’t even know about this before the draft was submitted to the NPC.

The story quotes Yu An, a law professor at Tsinghua University and a member of its drafting committee, as saying, “I have no idea how this clause was added into (the bill). It was not there when the experts first discussed (the bill).”

Ying Songnian, a member of the NPC’s Civil and Judicial Affairs Committee who will be one of those reviewing the bill, told Caijing, “based on our experience with SARS, only information openness would help calm people down, and make disaster-relief efforts more effective.”[Full Text]

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June 28, 2006, 7:36 AM
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