Southern Chinese City Marks Cultural Revolution – Radio Free Asia

From Radio Free Asia:

Even as top Communist Party leaders in Beijing still permit no national memorial to the decade of chaos and political violence that was the Cultural Revolution (1966-76), officials in Guangdong have quietly built a museum honoring those who died in the southern province.

The museum, which is privately financed and advertises only discreetly on the Internet, sits at the top of Tashan, a mountain where many of the dead from the nearby city of Shantou were buried.

According to official records, during the Cultural Revolution in roughly 100,000 people were implicated in criminal cases, more than 4,500 were injured or disabled, and some 400 people died. [Full Text]

See also Washington Post’s “Chinese Museum Looks Back in Candor” and Howard French’s “Scenes From a Nightmare: A Shrine to the Maoist Chaos” from the New York Times

July 7, 2006 10:16 PM
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