Abortions up in China as taboos weaken – Cesar Chelala

From The Japan Times:

Parallel to the economic revolution in China is a sexual revolution, particularly among , which is having far-reaching consequences on their health and quality of life. Since feudal times, has been a taboo subject in China. Even today, despite progress in many areas, many Chinese, especially the older generations, consider shameful or dirty and refuse to talk about it. Young people’s opinions differ greatly from those of their parents. At the same time, boys and girls are becoming sexually mature at a younger age.

An increasing number of Chinese adolescents are engaging in premarital and unprotected sexual activity. As a result, unwanted pregnancies, abortions and sexually transmitted infections, including HIV/AIDS, are on the rise. China is now in the early stages of a major HIV/AIDS epidemic. [Full Text]

August 7, 2006, 9:48 AM
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