25 Coincidences of Busted Corrupt Officials, part four – Gao Fusheng

Latest installment in the typology of corrupt officials from People’s Daily Online via Yulun Jiandu, translated by CDT:

“Announced (“Á§∫Âá∫Êù•ÁöÑ),” like Yang Shunjiang (Êù®È°∫ʱü), former deputy party secretary of Qiuqiao Township in Huai’an City, Jiangsu Province. Yang participated in an open bid for the position of Chuzhou District Health Bureau Chief in late 2001. In a public announcement of his candidacy to run for the office, people reported on him, leading to exposure of his involvement in embezzlement, bribe taking and financial fraud. He was sentenced to four years in July 2002.

“Learned (“Â≠¶Âá∫Êù•ÁöÑ),” like Fu Long (ÂØåÈæô), a successful “strike-hard” enforcer and former deputy chief of Liaoyang City Public Security Bureau in Liaoning Province. One of Fu’s hometown fellows, entrepreneur Lu Zongda, reportedly raped a young girl and was arrested. But a 300,000-yuan bribe to Fu “saved” Lu, who was set free after a few days of detention. Soon after, Fu reportedly followed in Lu’s footsteps, also raping a girl. The public was outraged, sending in a mountain of petition letters, and both Lu and Fu were put in jail, with Fu getting a life imprisonment in 2004.

“Slid (“ʪëÂá∫Êù•ÁöÑ),” like in Changpai Village in Longgang District, Shenzhen. A wall tumbled off a slope during a landslide and killed a mother from Hunan and her son. An investigation found three local police officials had illegally built private houses up the hill, triggering the landslide. The money for building the houses was found to come from a “private cash vault” in the police station, which led to the downfall of a local police chief.

“Scribbled (“ÂÜôÂá∫Êù•ÁöÑ),” like Yin Xicai (Â∞πË•øÊâç), general manager and chairman of a company (ÂÆâÂæΩÈáëËüæÈõÜÂõ¢ÊúâÈôêË¥£‰ªªÂÖ¨Âè∏) in Anhui Province and an official with northern Anhui’s mineral and forestry bureau. He was arrested for stealing 4.2 million public finds so that he would have the cash to buy a stake in a factory. One day in prison, he scribbled a coded slip to be delivered to his wife. Investigators studied the slip and figured he might be hinting to his wife to take care of their properties in Shanghai. Police went to Shanghai to find 13 million yuan and $668,000 in cash in a rented private safe at a Shanghai bank. The safe also contained real estate titles and jewelry.

“Sued (“ËØâÂá∫Êù•ÁöÑ),” like Sun Xiuqi (Â≠ôÁßÄ•á), former chief of Anyang City Labor Bureau in Henan Province. Sun’s mistress sued him in June 2001 for serious “default.” In the law suit, she said they lived together for years and had a son and a daughter, despite the fact that Sun was married. The mistress also produced an written agreement between her and Sun stating his promise to divorce in order to marry her by October 2000 or else pay her 2 million yuan. The case caught the attention of higher ups and Sun was found to have taken 37 bribes deals totaling 249,000 yuan. He was sentenced to 11 years.

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