Discipline Inspection Secretaries Slip Into “Corruption Hotbeds” – People’s Daily Online

From People’s Daily Online via Yulun Jiandu, translated by CDT:

Discipline inspection secretary Jiang Zhenhua, also a deputy party secretary of Feidong County in Anhui Province, was recently arrested by Hefei‘s Yaohai District Procuratorate for suspected bribe taking. Yet another fallen discipline secretary after cases of Luo Ziguang, of Loudi City in Hunan, and Peng Jinyong, of Changde City in Hunan.

It’s hard to accept the reality of by discipline secretaries. As the top gun of discipline inspection and supervision, these cadres are in charge of fighting and cleaning up corrupt officials. If they themselves take the lead in the dirty business, how can the discipline inspection committees build up their authority and dignity?

No-brainer that corrupt officials would like to see the corruption watchdogs filthy themselves. Then everybody becomes fish in the same river and grasshoppers on the same line. Nobody is afraid of being reported against.

The reason of discipline inspection secretaries slipping into “corruption hotbeds” is a systematical one, which lacks sufficient supervision and restrictions. It’s well know that discipline cadres can watch over others and examine others; but the other way around, nobody checks the power of these discipline bosses. Discipline committees have become unchecked zone.

I think it’s urgent to set up a monitoring mechanism that checks discipline, strengthen media supervision and put discipline officials under the light too. [Full Text in Chinese]

September 1, 2006 6:43 PM
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