The Aftershocks of the Shanghai Political Earthquake (part 2): More Officials Brought Down

Director of the General Office of the CPC Shanghai Committee Sun Luyi(孙路一) is under investigation on serious discipline violations. This was just another aftershock since Chen Liangyu(陈良宇), former chief of CPC Shanghai Committee, was disciplined this Monday. The whole city is in turmoil as the corruption probe deepens. Here is a list of officials and businessmen sacked in the Shanghai pension fund scandal. Their names are hyperlinked to stories on Zhu Junyi(祝均一),former chief of Shanghai Labor and Social Security Bureau

Qin Yu(秦裕), former vice chief of CPC Baoshao District Committee

Lu Qiwei(陆祺伟), former Director of Department of Pension Fund Supervision at Shanghai Labor and Social Security Bureau

Wang Chengming(王成明), former Chairman of Shanghai Electric Group

Han Guozhang(韩国璋), former Vice President of Shanghai Electric Group Zhang Rongkun(张荣坤), former boss of Fuxi Investment Company

Wu Minglie(吴明烈), former Chairman of New Huangpu Company Separately, Zhou Qiang(周强), First Secretary of China Youth League Central Committee, was appointed as the vice chief of CPC Hunan Province Committee. Youth League is considered to be the power base of Hu Jintao(胡锦涛), General Secretary of CPC Central Committee. Hu used to be the General Secretary of Youth League Central Committee. ...
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