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China analyst David Cowhig provided the following to CDT:

In a recent blog posting, Zeng Jinyan, AIDS and rights activist and the wife of Hu Jia, discusses the mission of the PRC Domestic Security Detachment Guo’an ÂõΩÂÜÖÂÆâÂÖ®‰øùÂç´ÊîØÈòü. (See the earlier CDT post China: Cows, pigs and balls. See also the Chinese language Wikipedia entry on the PRC Public Security Domestic Security Detachment for more details.)

Links on the blog and Wiki to several localities provide reports on the activities of local Public Security Domestic Security Detachment.

A report on the activities of the Domestic Security Detachment at Huanggang, Hubei Province to the local people’s congress dated September 27, 2005 mostly details arrests and prosecutions of the Falungong activists but also work to calm down and suppress protests by retired soldiers. The report (in Chinese) is here.

The FLG portion of the report takes up over three quarters of the report and states that the police confiscated digital cameras, computers and props such as hypodermic needles that the Falungong was using to make fake torture photographs.

The report also discusses efforts to find work for retired service members and clamp down on their protests to higher levels. The report notes that:

We conscientiously carry out work to arrange for stable jobs for retired service members in order to assure tranquility. The internal security detachment has taken work on the issues of retired service members to be an important task for maintaining the political stability of society. Firstly, the various domestic security groups around the city have carried out thorough investigative work so as to understand the situation thoroughly, to establish work procedures and dossiers so as to create a foundation for long term work. Secondly, we are strengthening and consolidating our intelligence and information work so as to manage the situation and to provide reliable information so leaders will be able to make correct decisions. Thirdly, we have set up a network and checkpoints so that we can catch and admonish to return home people who are skipping a level in presenting their petitions. According to an incomplete count, over 200 retired service members were stopped from going to Beijing and admonished to return home. In the spirit of instructions from the Central Committee, the Provincial Committee and the Central Committee, the case of the July 19th group of people who were going to Beijing to stir up trouble was handled. The detachment helped the Party Committee set up an immediate study session on the legal system for military people who had been transferred to companies, and discovered what was behind the July 19th petitioning incident, and according to law carried out 15 days detention by Public Security of the agitator Liu Shenxiang.

has some pictures on her blog that let undercover public security people keeping them under surveillance feel a bit conspicuous.

From a July 23 posting on her blog:


“Following People and Keeping Them Under Surveillance is Shameful!”


“House Arrested Again!”


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