China Vs. My Husband – Yuan Weijin

From The Washington Post:

On Aug. 20, the Yinan County People’s Court in Shandong province (±±‰∏úÁúÅÊ≤ÇÂçóÂéø‰∫∫Ê∞ëÊ≥ïÈô¢Ôºâentenced my husband, Chen GuangchengÔºàÈôàÂÖâËØöÔºâ, to four years and three months in prison on charges of “intentionally destroying property” ÔºàËìÑÊÑèÁ†¥ÂùèË¥¢‰∫ßÔºâand “assembling a crowd to disturb traffic.”ÔºàËÅö‰ºóÊâ∞‰π±‰∫§ÈÄöÔºâ

Local officials punished my husband because he provided advice about the law and human rights to village women who were forced to undergo abortions. Officials in charge of birth control were afraid that they would be disciplined as a result of his peaceful activities.

......I want to send a message to my husband: One day the truth will come to light. Even though they put you in jail, they cannot imprison your thoughts and spirit. You must take good care of yourself so that you can continue your unfinished work. [Full text]

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October 11, 2006 10:47 PM
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