Provincial Foreign Affairs Chief Dissolute, But Untouched – Li Xinde

 Photos 200610 4Ddbd0449B2396C5Dffe0F23520Ad083Here comes Li Xinde’ another piece of sexy report (ÁåõÊñô), again about of high officials. This time it’s a like a novel of how a local cadre get away with raping women colleagues and planting charges against one of his underling who advised on one of the women to report (‰∏æÊä•).

Wang Hua (ÁéãÂçé), chief of foreign affairs of Jiangsu‘s Provincial government, had a crush on Zhou Bei (Âë®Ëìì), a young emcee moderating a networking party of local foreign affairs agencies before the Chinese New Year in 2004. One night, Wang called up Zhou into her dorm room and there Wang raped Zhou.

Fearing a heart attack on her mother, who just did a heart surgery, Zhou kept the secret to herself. Worse still, Zhou kept descending on her, with more sexual harassment.

A day came when Zhou couldn’t take it any more and talked it through with one of her former bosses, Lu Lin (È≤ÅÊûó), who is an underling in Wang’s office. Lu suggested Zhou to file a report to the party discipline inspection Committee, which she did. But an investigation found five more affairs but, after Wang’s under-the-table maneuvering mobilizing his underlings, he was handed a “serious warning (‰∏•ÈáçË≠¶Âëä).”

But Wang soon launched a few rounds of retaliations, setting up his co-workers to write up made-up charges of taking bribes and conspiring with Zhou to seduce him on Lu, the one who helped Zhou. A Canadian Chinese businessman was detained and tortured to make false testimonies against Lu, who himself was put under house watch, detained numerous times by investigators and eventually sentenced to a 8-year term.

Li Xinde, the reporter, got the news out of a tear-tainted letter from Lu’s wife, crying out for justice after her husband was put in jail after waves of brutal retaliations. [See Full Text in Chinese]

November 1, 2006 10:00 PM
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