Survey: Gov’t Officials Ignorant of, susceptible to, HIV/AIDS – Li Hujun

From Southern Weekend, translated by CDT:

Nearly two-thirds of Chinese officials don’t know that no AIDS vaccine exists and nearly a third are in favor of isolating HIV-infected patients from the rest of the population, according a recent survey.

The survey, run by AIDS policy expert Jin Wei (靳薇) from the Central Party School(中央党校), was completed in October. Jin and her colleagues questioned 3000 local officials at the city and county levels in 15 provinces.

Particularly vexing, given the levels of ignorance revealed in the survey, is how susceptible many officials are to contracting HIV. Among the tens of thousands of corrupt officials who have been punished in recent years, many have had more than one mistress. People often condemn these officials’low moral standards. Experts point out that the risk of contracting HIV rises with the number of sexual partners. Many officials engage in risk-prone behavior, according to the survey.

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November 11, 2006 10:19 AM
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