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From Shanghaiist blog:

The Straits Times today tells us about 27 year old Liu Qian who “has been feted as a modern-day heroine, held up as a role model for women, and won the hearts of thousands across China”. For the past eight years, Liu was the mistress of Yao Chuanrui, a former manager of a Shenzhen-based state-owned company, who had been detained by police for questioning over the alleged embezzlement of RMB70 million.

On receiving an SMS from Yao asking her to help him escape, the plucky mistress and a group of 20 people traveled to Beijing where Yao was being held in an hotel. They bribed a food delivery worker who knew which room Yao was in, and created a disturbance which distracted the guards, giving Yao time to flee. Unfortunately for them, they were all nabbed soon after.

Liu’s attempt to free her lover has “triggered an unexpected flood of support and sympathy in China”. The Straits Times report goes on to quote some interesting comments from Chinese netizens:[Full Text]

December 25, 2006, 10:07 AM
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