Photo series: Guangzhou traffic police ticketing a tractor driver – Yang Xi

Yang Xi (杨曦) is a photo journalist for Nanfang Daily. The following images are from his blog on

 Imagesforphotos 2006012009001

traffic caught this Mr. Chen, who was driving without a license plate at 8 am, Dec. 8, 2006.

 Imagesforphotos 2006012009002

The wife and two daughters of Mr. Chen also came to beg the police to not punish him.

 Imagesforphotos 2006012009003

Mr. Chen’s daughter grabs the tractor, crying to please not tow the tractor away.

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Chen’s wife was arguing with the police.

 Imagesforphotos 2006012009004

Police were angry at Chen and took him into the police car.

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Chen’s wife fought to get her husband out of the police car.

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One daughter was still grabbing the tractor, the younger one was crying.

 Imagesforphotos 2006012009006

Police issued the ticket.

 Imagesforphotos 2006012009005

The tractor was towed away. Mr. Chen can make a living getting 20 RMB for each tractor load shipping construction materials.

December 12, 2006 2:53 PM
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