University Grants Students Maternity Leave – China Daily

xin_56010408153252717591.jpgGone, in some places, are the feudal-aged traditional Chinese how-dare-students-get-married conservatism. Step by step, advances are coming, such as that a college girl now is “officially” allowed to have a maternity leave in China. (Pictured: junior college girl during a record-setting wedding with her husband in Tianjin in 2004) From China Daily (watch out the tricky language):

Soochow University in east China’s Jiangsu Province has granted pregnant students who are legally married maternity leave to bring college regulations further in line with the new Marriage Law, reported Monday.

China’s Ministry of Education lifted the ban on college students getting married on March 29, 2005. Currently students of legal age no longer have to ask for permission from their university when they plan to tie the knot.

According to Soochow University’s new regulations, married student mothers can file applications to ask for maternity leave and resume their studies after they deliver. In the past, pregnant women were not allowed to be students. [Full Text]

January 8, 2007 4:19 PM
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